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Tax Preparation for Individuals​

VDTA's expertise includes traditional and itemized 1040s, multi-city and state filings, small businesses, sale of assets, farming, trucking, rental properties and more. We make the tax filing process easy to understand and execute and focus on maximizing tax savings through excellent accuracy. 


Tax Planning​

Tax planning is key in keeping as much of your money as possible in your own pocket when it comes to big life changes. Whether it is retirement, paying for college, selling assets or future financial planning, VDTA's tax planning services are one of our most utilized resources for our clients.

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Representation & Transcript Review​

Having problems with the IRS? VDTA staff includes an Enrolled Agent that is licensed to practice before the IRS and able to communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf. Helping to resolve tax debt, reduce penalties, assist with past filings and IRS transcript reviews are just a few of the ways we can help!

Representaton & Transcript Review
Tax Preparation
Tax Planning
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